XBLA Wednesday – a real snoozeathon

I’m sorry, developers of Buku Sudoku and Warlords. But I’m just not remotely interested in your games. Your titles are both coming out this Wednesday, the former for 800 points and the latter for 400. But I want Braid. I want Bionic Commando. 1942: Joint Strike. Those are the games to get excited about. Not a game recreating my dad’s favourite pastime, or a remake of an old Atari ‘classic’.

But that’s what I – and the millions of other Live users – are getting, so I guess I’d better get used to it. And who knows? Maybe these games are actually quite good. The former at least has some nice presentational touches.

Still: odds on this pair being delisted by this time next year? 4-1 on. A nailed-on bet, I reckon.

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