What’s in the Gears of War Special Edition ?

Gamestop has leaked some details of the upcoming Gears Of War special edition re-release thing.

It’s definitely good news if you don’t already own the game – for $39.99 (or local equivalent) you can get a copy of the game (natch) a bonus disc containing all Gears DLC released to date – including the multiplayer map pack and ‘Hidden Fronts’, a plethora (yes, you heard me – a plethora) of pics, themes, video clips and similar multimedia bits and bobs including an EXCLUSIVE message from Cliffy B.

As if that lot wasn’t enough, you also get a wodge of Gears 2 promotional pics, vids and – to be frank – adverts.

If you do own the original.. well, it’s your call. Frankly, if you are that into GoW you probably own all the DLC anyway and it’s doubtful that a couple of JPGs and a Cliffy B clip is going to be worth $39.99 of your money.

Personally, I’m a bit disappointed there is no art book Surely every special edition needs an art book? Shoddy.

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