Resident Evil 5 to feature co-op?

Probably one for the rumour file at the moment, but it looks like Resident Evil 5 could be getting a co-op mode. The source is a Games Radar article that was mysteriously disappeared shortly after it went live. According to Eurogamer, the article stated that you’ll be accompanied by a female mercenary who’ll be computer controlled when she’s not being controlled by a player. A second player can apparently drop in as her at any time.

Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 5

It’s a highly plausible rumour. We’ve seen Capcom experiment with multiplayer before with the Outbreak series. It didn’t work, largely because the infrastructure wasn’t quite there yet. Not a lot of people had internet-capable PS2s and there was no voice communication. With Live and its now almost ubiquitous voice chatting functions, an online enable co-op could work very well indeed.

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