Prince of Persia to feature ‘revolutionary’ new AI assistant

Ubisoft producer Ben Mattes revealed some interesting tidbits about the new Prince of Persia series reboot.

We had already heard about the cel-shading and the focus on proper duelling but were a bit concerned that the game would be dropping the time-wrangling abilities that were put to such good use in Sands of Time and Two Thrones.

Fear not, says Mattes, the timey-wimey may be out the window, but Ubisoft are replacing it with a new feature that will surpass it.

Elika is a new sidekick character that Ubisoft assure us will be the last word in AI-driven helpers. As well as fulfilling a plot niche for a sidekick-cum-love-interest, Elika will be able to assist the player in every aspect of gameplay and not simply get under your curly-slippered feet like so many other AI bots.

“Not only is she making the game better, she’s definitely not making the game worse” said Mattes.

There is no gameplay footage available yet, but this short video clip shows the art behind the character.

So far all we can offer is two words – eighties hair.

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