Motley Crue single selling more via Rock Band than real life

You can say what you like about Motley Crue – curse their lumpen, unreconstructed rawk, pity their receding hair or even quote Half Man Half Biscuit’s “Upon Westminster Bridge” :

Oh help me Mrs Meddlicot I don’t know what to do/ I’ve only got three bullets And there’s four of Motley Crue

Say what you like.. but don’t argue with their canny commercial instincts.

Their new single Saints of Los Angeles may have only sold a measly 10,000 copies via iTunes, but by releasing the track simultaneously as a downloadable for Rock Band the shaggy-headed glam warriors have clocked up an impressive 47,000 more sales from Xbox players alone.

It may not help their chart position (unless Billboard bend the rules considerably) but that is almost certainly enough to buy eight new cowboy boots, a barrel of hair dye and a catering pack of Jack Daniels.

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