GTA graphics comparison shows 360 is marginally better


Stop. I know that. I know it doesn’t matter that GTA IV apparently has “high[er]-quality textures and the depth/normal maps that go with them” on 360. Or, indeed, that the PlayStation 3 sometimes comes ahead with better shadowing and antialiasing”. But this last sentence – from Gamespot’s thorough comparison of the two versions – made me pause for thought.

“Overall, the PlayStation 3 outputs visuals that are either on par with the Xbox 360 or only slightly behind.”

Okay. So the PS3 just about matches up to the 360, or is only very slightly behind. But isn’t that nothing like it was supposed to be? Wasn’t the PS3 supposed to be the world’s most powerful games console? Wasn’t the power of the Cell going to blow Microsoft’s console out of the water?

Evidently, that’s not been the case, and there’s precious little evidence to suggest that any forthcoming title from Sony is going to do anything with PS3 that would trouble the 360’s processors. While graphical comparisons aren’t really the done thing when it comes to a game like GTA, for those obsessed enough with technology that they can only possibly have the best of the best, you can rest assured that with the 360 you’ve got a console that can – at the very least – boast of being the joint most-powerful machine currently on the market. And who’d have believed that when the PS3 launched?

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