First bit of FIFA 09 news dribbles out

Because dribbling is…oh, never mind.

Last year’s FIFA played a great game of footy. Thoughtful, considered, intelligent and well-made, for my money it knocked Pro Evo into a cocked hat for the first time in…well, ever. With UEFA Euro 2008 further improving on the formula – picking up the pace and making it slightly less impossible to score – my hopes at least are very high for this year’s iteration. So it’s nice to hear a bit of info about this potential world-beater – these following tidbits come from US mag GamePro.


Apparently, all movements in the game (like passing and jostling for example) happen much faster, allowing for more fluid and realistic play – leaving it closer to the frenetic pace of the Premiership than the slow, measured approach of the continental game. I hope the ramp up in speed isn’t too drastic – UEFA had it just about spot-on, and taking it too much further would take the tactical edge off. The game’s improved animations will now affect the gameplay too – if you see your player wobbling from an attempted sliding tackle, you can rebalance him, while a wrong-footed ‘keeper can now reach behind to save deflected shots.

The rest touches briefly upon Be A Pro but no further improvements are mentioned. I’m sure there will be a few tweaks to that particular mode, but otherwise things are looking and sounding good. Fingers crossed EA can build upon last year’s superb effort and give us a footy game that’s worth playing for the full year between updates. Or maybe – gasp – even longer.

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